Can't find sys_call_table[]

Terry Chan tpchan at
Tue Aug 12 10:51:01 GMT 2003

Yes, don't use -O3 on a P75.  Don't use -foptimize-sibling-call,
--force-addr and --falign-functions.  -fomit-frame-pointers is
fairly safe but on such a slow processor, -O2 or -Os would serve
your far more efficently.

Most likely --force-addr is the cause of your latest problem.

Terry Chan
On Tue, Aug 12, 2003 at 08:20:58AM -0600, Richard B. Pyne wrote:
> When trying to do a shutdown or reboot, I get the message 
> (expletive deleted):Can't find sys_call_table[]
> The only place I have ever seen this message is on one of my 
> Lunar boxes. The machine is a P75-200.
> Rebuild was done with:
> -O3 
> Pentium
> -fomit-frame-pointers
> -foptimize-sibling-calls
> -fforece-addr
> -ffalign-functions
> -s
> Any insights or suggestions are most welcome and appreciated.
> --Richard

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