Jan cmak_ at t-online.de
Sun Aug 3 05:52:49 GMT 2003

...some more blabla (i cannot sleep like you do...)

	Q: What is wxWindows(wxGTK)?
	A: A free C++ library for cross-platform GUI development.

	Q: Are there bindings for my favourite scripting languge?
	A: Yes, they are called wxPerl and wxPython, work is done on Basic and 		  
(above from: http://www.freiburg.linux.de/~wxxt/)

the best solution would be to let the wxPython module just install 
wxPython-bindings and add wxGTK to the DEPENDS of wxPython....

but in the current moonbase wxPython will build wxGTK. we wonder why and 
found this unsatisfying answer:

   	Source code for wxGTK is now included with the wxPythonSrc tarball,
   	and is the recommended way to get released wxGTK source code if you
   	plan on building both.
(above from: http://wxpython.org/BUILD.unix.txt)

that would explain why the original (unknown) author of the wxPython 
module uses the wxGTK that comes with wxPython....weird that he/she 
made it so that both (the standalone wxGTK and the wxGTK from wxPython) 
installs in the exact same place...

IMO this change is worth a try:

- the wxGTK module stays as is (for audacity and whatever)
- the wxPython module only installs the Python bindings and DEPENDS on 
the wxGTK module

thats clean, nothing gets compiled twice and it solves the audacity 

thank you for reading!
i am starting testing this now...

good night for now :-)

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