Lunar 1.7.0 rc1 ISO checksums

v4hn v4hn at
Mon Jul 21 14:43:17 CEST 2014

On Mon, Jul 21, 2014 at 02:27:53PM +0200, Duncan Gibson wrote:
> Could someone kindly post the sha1 checksums for the latest ISO files?
> only contains compressed images.

v4hn at robusta:/var/www/$ sha256sum *
259a886141da2377607050d9e26023431ff064e16572c1bb31ceb2710ce215b7  lunar-1.7.0-dev4-i686.iso.bz2
ccde8d967f81203b5ad3b5b9c86e45ea43c804a7bdb97cadfae258f64f99ead2  lunar-1.7.0-dev4-x86_64.iso.bz2
b65d59f8cf5e5e79894b3e4d9718cc51bca893749ad9f047925d593fcd0a23a4  lunar-1.7.0-dev5-i686.iso.bz2
df381b7a9a996ffc81edf20eeb5665b8541d3150c39e2c12de8fad811105e4a0  lunar-1.7.0-dev5-x86_64.iso.bz2
4868ada036eeae8d9e9c8dd8845f26fae05f2dcf8c40888572a7cdb17054f5dd  lunar-1.7.0-rc1-i686.iso.bz2
c959942a938191602a0da1ab942c8f8ef37c6711d3e6e3caacadb1f9a15139e1  lunar-1.7.0-rc1-x86_64.iso.bz2

> And what is the magic 'dd' incantation to copy to a USB stick?

bunzip2 $iso
dd if=$uncompressed_iso of=/dev/sd<device of your choice>

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