lin perl -w 5.14.3 ends up in vim 5.14.3

Auke Kok sofar at
Sun Mar 17 02:58:52 CET 2013

On 03/16/2013 01:13 PM, Marco van der Grient wrote:
> hi all,
> If I do
> lin perl -w 5.14.3
> It builds perfect. But also calls vim at the end, and is seeking for
> version number 5.14.3 (while It version 7.3 must be). I do have vim 7.3
> installed.
> What could be the cause of this behavior?

This is a bug in the core code. the version number is passed as a global 
to the inner parts of lin that download and compile the modules. If 
there is any code that causes a dependency or recompile to be done, that 
code will also override the version number.

There's no way around it right now, this needs to be fixed in several spots.


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