moonbase development moving over to the new git repo's this weekend.

Auke Kok auke at
Thu Jul 5 01:45:29 CEST 2012


since we have more developers right now using the new git tree's on 
github, I'm going to lock down the old git tree's on doppio this 
weekend. After the weekend, the official moonbase tarballs will be 
coming out of the new repo's.

All developers should make sure they are setup to work with the new 
moonbase trees. If you want direct commit access to a tree, please ask 
on this list for which ones you want to commit directly to. Most stuff 
is fair game, but me and Ratler will be the initial committers to -core 
and -xorg only for the time being. (that means that you can push changes 
there through a git pull request only).

So, please:

- if you need packages in the new moonbase and they're missing, send us 
a list on the mailinglist

- developers need to start merging changes over to the new trees

- get setup on github, so you can help out with the new trees once 
things go live.



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