Recent KDE build will fail - solution

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Wed Jan 12 01:10:40 CET 2011

Dnia 2011-01-12, o godz. 00:54:16
Zbigniew Luszpinski <zbiggy at> napisał(a):

> 2. at oxygen-icons module you will receive flood of disk full errors.
> This happens because of fault in Lunar's /tmp download dir size 
> configuration. It is set to 256M where oxygen-icons have 277M size.
> So oxygen-icons will not fit /tmp disk space even if empty. Simpty up
> to now there was no such big module to download.
> [...]
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> Zbigniew Luszpinski
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Thank you for informations.

What is the reason of setting /tmp size to just 256 MB? Why not 512?

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