git patches

James Buren ryuo at
Sat Aug 20 15:25:50 CEST 2011

> Nice.
> Make sure if current driver works with Lunar - test it on any supported
> Radeon. According to release notes current fglrx 11.8 supports up to XOrg
> 7.6 Lunar uses 7.7 so current fglrx may not work at all. Devs here seems
> to use Intel/Nvidia so these these drivers/modules are updated. fglrx was
> left unmaintained when I dropped my Radeon 9000 (had X1Kxxx for some time
> later) years ago and AMD as company lags behind Intel/Nvidia when it comes
> to support current X.
> You will have tough life with AMD binary driver on Lunar. We are following
> fast X releases and do not wait for fglrx.
> I do not understand why you want fglrx to be moved to zdeprecated if it is
> still updated by AMD monthly and you tell us that you are working on up to
> date version?
> have a nice day,
> Zbigniew Luszpinski

I was under the impression that the driver had been renamed from fglrx to
catalyst. At least one part of it now uses the name, it's used in the QT
configuration program packaged with it now. fglrx is still the name of the
kernel module and X11 driver though.

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