Module updates

Chris wasgena at
Thu Oct 7 21:35:46 CEST 2010

On 10/07/2010 01:54 AM, Jean-Michel Bruenn wrote:
> Hello Chris,
> thanks for the information - Lunar Linux is a distribution from users
> for users - Please submit updates for the named modules. You'll find
> good information about how to do that at the Wiki on
> - After your submission is in the queue a
> developer will review and if everything is fine, submit it.

I suppose you are talking about "lvu submit", which would be nice, as it 
makes things a little bit easier. I will take a look at the wiki, too.

> If a module wasn't updated, there might be a good reason for it (breaks
> things, isnt officially maintained anymore, etc - you could provide
> information or ask us about such information, before requesting an
> update)
>> acpid to version 2.0.6 (
> please try to stick with official download locations - which in this
> case would be

Hmm, the guy on claims to be the new maintainer of acpid 

Gentoo lists this URL as the homepage for the acpid-package 

Debian adds a patch from to the "official" acpid-1.0.10 
(  --last post), 
listed as version 1:2.0.6-1.

This was reason enough for me to ask for an update.

>> xfce4-power-manager to version 0.8.5
>> (

Thanks for your help,

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