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Sat Oct 2 16:52:24 CEST 2010


Few days ago you told me about distcc, I decided to give it a try.
Here are 2 points :

1) I got difficulties to get distcc working properly in lunar.

distcc can compile applications with native but this seems a bad idea if remote computers do not have the same arch.
Anyway according to the tests I've done, lunar disable use of distcc when CPU = native

You should add a statement like the following one in distcc menu (or change menu behaviour) :
"You cannot use CPU=native when compiling with distcc.
Please select your CPU by disabling optimisation safety in GCC menu"

On my lunar box :
 - compiling with ccache works
 - compiling with distcc works
 - compiling with ccache+distcc works but ccache is never used

In order to lin with ccache and distcc, lunar uses "ccache distcc [COMPILER]"
Please compile a module twice, you'll see that /var/log/ccache is full of "Failed; falling back to running the real compiler"
Furthermore you'll see no improvement between first lin and second lin

I spent some time on &
According to website documentation compiling with ccache and distcc should be done this way :
 - export CCACHE_PREFIX=distcc
 - ccache [COMPILER]
And when I do this way, it works fine : first lin uses distcc, second lin uses ccache :)

Find enclosed changes I made to /var/lib/lunar/plugins/optimize-distcc.plugin in order to get ccache + distcc working
Feel free to test by yourself.

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