The removal of mplayerplug-in.

Duncan Gibson duncan.gibson at
Sun Jun 20 10:24:35 CEST 2010

> I removed mplayerplug-in from moonbase because it will not compile anymore
> on firefox 3.5+ and seamonkey 2+.
> Using mplayerplug-in already compiled will make current browsers unstable.
> To make it compatible with current browsers it needs major rewrite.
> The author of mplayerplug-in dropped it and now works on gecko-mediaplayer
> which is in our moonbase.
> This is direct and recommended replacement for mplayerplug-in.

I think we should start a policy of not removing modules directly,
but moving them first to zdeprecated for a month, and only then
removing them. Anyone who is subscribed to the mailing list, or
who runs lunar update at least once a month, will see that the
module has been moved, and will have a chance to lrm it manually.

Luckily I don't have mplayerplug-in installed, but I've had some
problems in the past when I've started a lunar update and found
that a module has disappeared. At that point the old moonbase has
been wiped, so it can be tricky to clean up properly.

Duncan / engelsman

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