ISO status

Duncan Gibson duncan.gibson at
Sun Jun 13 18:27:36 CEST 2010

> Since it has been 18 months + since the last ISO release, is there any
> plan to release a new ISO in the near future? Failing that, is there any
> documentation that could help a lunar-linux user to produce their own
> with updated contents?

Ratler was working on this, and a beta was mentioned on the #lunar irc
channel, but I'm afraid I don't have the URL. I didn't download it.

> With all of that failing, is this post
> still accurate?

It looks like there was only a relatively short window in which some of
the key modules were out of sync and those extra steps were required.

After I posted that guide, various others on #lunar reported that they
had installed using the basic "man lfirsttime" instructions, and had not
needed the extra steps at all.

I shall post a similar followup to that article, so the thread is complete.

Duncan / engelsman

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