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Zbigniew Luszpinski zbiggy at
Sat Jun 5 18:25:56 CEST 2010

> On x86_64 this compiles fine with zlib-1.2.5. On x86 it will not so you will 
> want to do;
> lin -w 1.2.4 zlib
> and then do OO. I have not found a suitable work around. zlib-1.2.5 was also a 
> problem with OO-3.2.0 on x86.

How about using --without-system-zlib on BUILD? Someone tested this one?
If you put lin -w 1.2.4 zlib before OO build remember to put lin zlib after build.
We should not downgrade zlib on whole system just because one module.

If you work on resolving this issue please try attached patch.

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