Xorg question

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That's clear.


Another question and then I have a desktop ready I hope,


If I want a complete Gnome do I need to lin all the sections of Gnome.



> Date: Sat, 24 Jul 2010 14:01:38 +0200
> Subject: RE: Xorg question
> From: duncan.gibson at xs4all.nl
> To: lunar at lunar-linux.org
> > And if I want Xorg 1.8 then I can do lin Xorg8.
> Not yet - it's not in the moonbase at the moment, and I don't think
> any of the Lunar devs have even started thinking about it.
> Of course, if you want to create local versions in your own zlocal
> and submit them to the central moonbase, that would be very much
> appreciated.
> See also http://wiki.lunar-linux.org/index.php/Module_Submission
> D.
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