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This problem has been solved bu doing everything again and choose for defaults.



> Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2010 17:02:20 +0200
> From: duncan at thermal.esa.int
> To: rwobben at hotmail.com
> Subject: Re: ppl problem
> Again, please reply to lunar at lunar-linux.org, and not to me!
> >>> When I did a lin -cr gcc glibc gcc bash coreutils tar wget I see that
> >>> the build of ppl fails because of gmp is not installed.
> >>> 
> >>> Also the message says that I must build gmp with this --enable-cxx 
> >> My advice would be to keep it simple, and first build a vanilla system.
> >> Run the lin command again, with the -cr option, accept the defaults and
> >> don't install extra tools just yet. It will take quite a while as it is.
> >> Once you have your system running you can always rebuild this overnight.
> > I would do that.
> > I was getting this error message :
> > 
> > Checking for GIMP library version 4.13 or above NO
> > configure : error : cannot find GIMP version 4.1.3 or higher
> > 
> > When compiling the GIMP library, do not forget to enable he c++
> > interface. Add -enable-cxx to the configuration options.
> Did you mean that? There's a huge difference between gmp and gimp! 
> You could install gmp as an optional depend of the lin command you
> describe, but you will not be able to install gimp until you have
> explicitly installed X (XOrg7 plus any drivers you need) at least,
> and maybe a desktop environment to run on top of that.
> Please take it one step at a time, as described in man lfirsttime.
> First the lin command above, then lin moonbase, then lunar update.
> Once you have the foundations in place, then you can build higher.
> D.
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