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Marek Paśnikowski marekpasnikowski at
Sun Jul 4 17:39:08 CEST 2010

Hey guys!
I am sorry about my disappearance. Unfortunately, my HDD finally broke 
down (I was anticipating this would happen for half a year now), so I 
had to buy a new one. During this time I had no possibilities to connect 
to the web. I didn't feel like compiling the whole new system from 
scratch, so I decided to check out Linux Mint 9 KDE RC. Recently, 
developers of this distribution mentioned that they are working on a 
quite new framework of their distribution: . I'd like to show you something: 
"it’s possible for us to distribute a system with a different package 
base such as Debian. We’ve also considered experimenting with an RPM 
Fedora base, a Slackware/APT base  and even making our own from 
scratch." For a year now I dream of an easily installable and manageable 
source-based system. Those words showed a possibility to make my dream 
come true.
I didn't inform Mint creators yet, as I think you first should judge my 
idea. Linux distributions keep forking and dividing with new ideas. My 
idea is to merge Lunar technology with Mint's easiness. Imagine some 

    * You are a fresh convert from Windows and want fast and easy
      system. You pick normal Debian based Mint with apt.
    * You want to have good looking and easy system on an old machine,
      but don't bother about install time. You pick Lunar based Mint and
      during installation configuration you choose GCC size
      optimization, so it consumes minimum system resources. The system
      is not very fast, but it should be usable even on 300MB of RAM.
    * You want to have super fast Mint installation. Of course you
      select GCC -S03 optimization level, enter number of CPU cores to
      use during build and wait a day or two (maybe longer, if you use a
      netbook or something similar) for system to grow.

Basically, Mint would be first divided into different desktop 
environment categories, as it is now, and those would forked into Debian 
and Lunar versions of package manager. I understand that before updates 
are submitted to repositories, they are in form of sources, and then 
compiled with optimizations selected by the developing team. These 
sources would be forwarded to additional repository group (Mint has five 
repositories now - sorted by instability risk). It is possible to use 
both installation systems - look at Sabayon and it's Entropy + Portage 
During installation of Lunar version of Mint, lunar would use CD with 
sources as local repository to secure system against network connection 
problems. The installer would have one additional (comparing to original 
version) step with optimization settings. I don't know the configuration 
process which takes place at the end of installation, but I think it is 
possible to make it work with Lunar base. This new approach to 
optimization technology will surely add some new advantages to Linux PR. 
Inexperienced users will be able to greatly enhance system 
characteristics with almost no risk. The only real disadvantage of this 
would be very long time of installation.
So how do you like it? I think, once this goes public, it will change 
course of Linux history forever.

Mariola nudzi sie ... zagraj z nia!
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