Lunar Linux 1.6.5 (i686 & x86_64) ISO's released

Stefan Wold ratler at
Sun Aug 22 23:14:25 CEST 2010

Dear users,

The Lunar team proudly announce the final release of Lunar Linux 1.6.5 codename 'Mare Ingenii'!

The last known issues with the ISO have been resolved. We added support for hybrid ISO in the last 
minute, which mean it's a lot more easy to install lunar from an usb-stick from now on. 
The developers are currently brainstorming and voting on ideas to further improve the state of Lunar,
an announcement about this will be made later. We also plan to let our users, yes you, to chip in with
ideas that will be up for voting within our community, but more on that later. 

Enjoy the release of Lunar 1.6.5! 

New features in 1.6.5
- Based on kernel and glibc 2.11.2
- Hybrid ISO support
- Added support for EXT4 filesystem
- Added option to change preferred /etc/fstab style; UUID, LABEL or device name
- Openssh and screen is now part of the LiveCD to allow remote assistance during install

Summary of changes since 1.6.4:
- Isolinux updated
- All modules refreshed
- Custom compilation of the kernel during install should once again be working
- Pre-compiled kernels now properly generate an install and md5sum log
- Added modules: yasm, gperf, libusb-compat, usbutils, xz, gmp, mpfr, cron-common, logrotate,
  rsyslog, iwlwifi-3945-ucode, iwlwifi-4965-ucode, iwlwifi-5000-ucode, screen, slang and mc
- Removed modules: mktemp, lard and device-mapper
- Grub2 tarball is available on the LiveCD for manual install
- Fixed a few minor bugs with the installer
- Rsyslog is now the new default syslog daemon
- Wireless firmware available on the liveCD

Download here:


Stefan Wold
Lunar Linux developer - PGP public key 6E810F05

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