trouble installing kde4

rpyne at rpyne at
Sat Oct 24 19:15:49 CEST 2009

I have recently done a clean install of lunar on my laptop, and am 
now trying to install kde4. 

I started a lin of kde4 before I went to bed last night, and his 
morning, it was stopped because xine-lib couldn't find the dependency 
on vorbis (no such module). 

I did a "lin -r xine-lib" to remove the dependency. after several of 
the dependencies installed, but before xine-lib installed, the lin 
got interrupted again from the download manager not being able to 
download one of the source tarballs (I don't temember shich one), so 

I set exhastive mirrors and then did a "lin kde4". After over an hour 
of lunar looping through "checking dependencies" repeatedly on the 
same group of modules, I killed the lin and tried just doing a "lin 
xine-lib". Same thing, just a slightly shorter list, it just kkeps 
"checking dependencies".

Any suggestions on how to get past this and finish the kde4 install 
will be greatly appreciated.


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