mldonkey update status

Duncan Gibson duncan.gibson at
Mon Oct 20 22:03:22 CEST 2008

> I think will be very good if site will have new features - view list
> submitted patches for moonbase with date receive  patch and status. And as
> result every one can view in this page what patch he submitted and system
> received.

You can see the submission queue at:

Module submissions by the users are very much appreciated, so keep them
coming, but you have to remember that:

a) the Lunar development team is quite small[*]
b) they are all working in their spare time, and have other commitments,
c) some of the submissions require specific hardware/software environments
   to be able to install and test them properly

Duncan / engelsman

[*] You've seen Sofar's picture on the web site. He's a tiny squirrel :-)

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