lvu installed list empty

Kok, Auke sofar at
Mon Oct 6 22:24:36 CEST 2008

rpyne at wrote:
> Help!! Somehow in the process of doing a major update on a server, I 
> now get nothing from "lvu installed". made the mistake of running 
> "lunar prune" and now /var/cache/lunar and /var spool/lunar are 
> completely empty.
> Is there any way to recover the list of installed modules??

nothing wrong with /var/cache/lunar or /var/spool/lunar being empty...

lunar's state files are in /var/state/lunar. if that folder is empty and no valid
*.backup files are there, you'll have to reconstruct them manually from the
information in /var/log/lunar/md5sum or similar, which is a bit of a pain

here's roughly what a /var/state/lunar folder should contain (sizes approximate)

$ ls /var/state/lunar/ -s
total 808
  4 blacklist.Alpha     68 depends          64 module.index
  4 blacklist.PowerPC   68 depends.backup   36 packages
  4 blacklist.SPARC    280 depends.cache    36 packages.backup
  4 blacklist.x86      240 module_history

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