flash plugin modules' changes

Zbigniew Luszpinski zbiggy at o2.pl
Thu Jan 24 05:05:44 CET 2008

Dear all,

I have just cleaned up flash plugin modules. After cleaning only 2 flash 
modules left:

flash-plugin-9 (for Gecko family web browsers only like firefox/seamonkey)
this is most recent 9,0,115 release of flash with XEmbed support.
It will not work with any other web browser (maybe except Opera 9.50+).

flash-plugin-all (this plugin will work not only with above FF/SM but also 
Konqueror and I suppose Opera < 9.50). Just any browser should work.
This flash is 9,0,48 release and this one is the last one which does not use 
XEmbed. Some people find 9,0,48 to be more stable and faster than 9,0,115.

Due to the bug in all flash plugins I also patched gtk+-2 to workaround 
problems with flash. So gtk+-2 will be recompiled on next lunar update to 
stop konqueror crashing on pages with flash. For firefox and seamonkey this 
workaround does nothing. I hope Adobe will not ignore my mail/bug report and 
fix the internal flash-gtk bug to make workaround redundant.

have a nice day,
Zbigniew 'zbiggy' Luszpinski

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