symlinks in moonbase - /var/lib/lunar/functions/modules.lunar

Dennis Veatch dennisveatch at
Tue Nov 6 20:57:49 CET 2007

On Tuesday 06 November 2007 02:44:02 pm Christian Riggenbach wrote:
> hi
> is there a reason against adding a "-L" (follow symlinks) to the various
> "find" in /var/lib/lunar/functions/modules.lunar?
> i want to have a symlink to the crater branch of the moonbase for the kde4
> modules without the whole other experimental stuff lurking around in my
> moonbase.
> the easiest way (for me) is to checkout and create a symlink in zlocal to
> the folder with the kde4 modules, but lin doesn't recognise it.

Another way is to;

1. mkdir -p /var/lib/lunar/moonbase/zlocal/kde4/base

mount --bind /your/location/of/crater/kde4/base /var/lib/lunar/moonbase/zlocal/kde4/base
then run mount -a

3. add this line to your /etc/fstab;

/your/location/of/crater/kde4/base /var/lib/lunar/moonbase/zlocal/kde4/base 
none bind

Step 3 will obviously automagically mount it on boot
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