ATI Mobility Radeon X1400

Kok, Auke sofar at
Wed Jul 18 22:42:41 CEST 2007

Zbigniew Luszpinski wrote:
> Wednesday 18 of July 2007 19:14:06 Kok, Auke wrote:
>> Richard Pyne wrote:
>>> First, it will NOT work if you set any text screen mode at boot time
>>> (vga=xxx in lilo.conf). This only took three days of tearing out hair and
>>> searching the internet to discover.
>> we can add a warning: grep -q vga= /proc/cmdline && echo WARNING
> Remembering one of last Auke's posts telling about the need of more user 
> friendliness of modules, module should not only warn about this issue but 
> also ask if it should correct this. It is not so hard. I can write grub 
> menu.lst file patcher. Someone must write lilo configuration patcher as I 
> haven't used lilo since ages.

you're now using my argument on something else completely differently. This is 
completely not what I meant by that.

nothing except the lilo and grub plugins should touch the bootloader configs. 
Definately not the fglrx modules either.

> Another interesting thing to know is if fglrx is able to work when radeonfb is 
> loaded. There is known nvidiafb issue for Nvidia cards so Radeon might need 
> such warning too.
> I think about adding such detection and warning to NVIDIA module.
> Same code might be used for radeonfb detection if issue exist too in fglrx 
> driver.

anyone still using fb? *amazed*

>>> Second, the module needs to install the utility programs, especially
>>> aticonfig. It might not hurt to even run aticonfig --initial as part of
>>> the install.
>> well, xorg7 is designed to work without configuration, so I really dislike
>> doing that. And running it automatically is a no-no.
> We can add message at the end of script asking if user want xorg.conf 
> autogenerated by aticonfig with default [n].

no, no no, no!

please don't do this. it will end up asking you *every* time you upgrade your 

  This would be user friendly and
> easy for us to implement. I remember my own switch from Mandrake to Lunar. It 
> took me some time to discover how to launch kde - missing x configuration was 
> one of first problems I got since I started to use Lunar 1.4.0. If xorg7 
> autogenerates xorg.conf it will not be fglrx fine tuned.

don't fix what is not broken:

* lunar is not for lazy users who don't want to do anything
* xorg-7 does not NEED an xorg.conf in most cases
* if you want a binary broken blob driver, you must do your homework

The current way works fine, don't make it more horrible for everyone.

therefore, the problem is in fglrx.

> That is why adding 
> optional aticonfig run at the end of script would help newbies.

it doesn't. Just print a message and stop doing any magic. You're better off 
giving a GOOD pointer than a BAD example xorg.conf. Hell, I have never *ever* 
seen aticonfig produce a decent xorg.conf. Most of the time they did not even work.

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