ATI Mobility Radeon X1400

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Wed Jul 18 21:13:35 CEST 2007

On 7/18/07, Kok, Auke <sofar at> wrote:
> Richard Pyne wrote:
> > The 8.38.6 driver appears to work with Xorg 7.2 on my ATI Mobility Radeon
> > X1400 (Dell Inspiron 9400) with only a couple of caveats. It even
> > correctly detects my 1440x900 wide screen.
> >
> > First, it will NOT work if you set any text screen mode at boot time
> > (vga=xxx in lilo.conf). This only took three days of tearing out hair and
> > searching the internet to discover.
> we can add a warning: grep -q vga= /proc/cmdline && echo WARNING
> > Second, the module needs to install the utility programs, especially
> > aticonfig. It might not hurt to even run aticonfig --initial as part of
> > the install.
> well, xorg7 is designed to work without configuration, so I really dislike doing
> that. And running it automatically is a no-no.
> > Also, it has a dependency on libGL, so you might want to make mesa-lib a
> > required dependency.

fglrx provides it's own libGL. What your experiencing is the system
not finding it. =)

If you use mesa-lib's version, you'll get software rendering.

Chances are something is asking for an exact version of it, for which
the symlink doesn't exist. I think ATI's own tools expect a version
that the installer doesn't install. I fixed this at one point in the
module, but it could have changed again.

> yes, that's needed.
> care to send a submission that fixes all this?
> Auke
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