Attention! Huge update

Duncan Gibson duncan.gibson at
Thu Apr 12 20:18:06 CEST 2007

Edd wrote:
>> Hope this message or a summary message of it is in the BUILD script
>> of the lunar-init, I belive there are lunar users that don't have a
>> maillist account or doesn't read it regularly. It will save us a lot
>> of trouble.

Moe replied:
> After a brief discussion we decided to implement a failsafe that is
> going to keep our user's systems safe. So the upgrade shouldn't be of
> any deeper threat any longer.

That's good. Even though I had seen the announcement on both the web
site and the mailing list, I trusted to 'lvu expired' to update my box
and of course lunar-init didn't show up so I didn't install it when I
should have done. My fault I didn't follow the instructions though.

I was going to ask whether it would make sense to have dummy modules
such as 'run-lunar-update' or 'see-lunar-announcements' that can be
updated when required, which will show up in 'lvu expired' and which
require some manual intervention before any critical module updates
can be installed. I'm curious to see what your failsafe solution will
look like.

Duncan / engelsman

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