Module submission - freecol

Bernd Kosmahl beko at
Mon Nov 27 15:05:22 CET 2006

module name       : freecol
suggested section : games
update (y/n)      : n
bugfix (y/n)      : n
security (y/n)    : n

here is something for people who like to waste time with gaming - like 
me ;-)

FreeCol is a clone of Colonisation (1994 Microprose) written in Java. It 
features network play and recent graphics but behaves exactly like the 
original Colonisation. It's released under the GPL and looks really 
nice to me. I already played it many hours and can't get enough ;-) 
Check out the website!

Warning: This is my first "complex" module. It's special for me because 
it's a precomiled Java-app! I'm not sure whether the way I handle the 
installation and, much more important, the removal proper. I tested the 
install and removal now many times but two issues are still bugging me.

First: For comfortable starting (remember: it's a java-app) I'm creating 
a script in /usr/bin (check BUILD). At the beginning I used 
POST_INSTALL for this and removed the created script manually in 
PRE_REMOVE. However I read in the Lunar Wiki that I should not install 
any files to the system with POST_INSTALL so I putted everything in 
BUILD. Now lunar tracks my script while installing the module and 
removes it automatically on lrm too. Still.. it doesn't look "clean" 
for me. How can I do this better?

Second: Removal looks sort of "hardcore" to me. Is there a better way to 
do this beside rm -rf the moduledir?

Bernd "beko" Kosmahl
beko (a-nospam-t) (PGP pupkey:
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