Module submission - curl

Duncan Gibson duncan.gibson at
Sat Nov 25 09:39:26 CET 2006

> module name       : curl
> update from 7.15.5 to 7.16.0
> downloaded, compiled and installed for use by xmms-scrobbler,
> and it seems to work without problem. no wider testing though.

It appears that I spoke too soon. Lunar nofix picked up problems
with vorbis-tools missing the old library, but I was unable to
recompile vorbis-tools with curl-7.16.0. I had to revert to the
older curl-7.15.5 and reinstall.

the xmms-scrobbler submission also works with curl-7.15.5

I shall attempt to report the problem to the vorbis-tools people.

Duncan / engelsman

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