new optimizations code in lunar

sofar sofar at
Wed Mar 22 22:46:47 UTC 2006

Hi all,

As of today both lunar and theedge contain the final structure of the optimizations code, which is plugin based. This will allow us to enable and disable context menu's for the user for components that are or are not installed on the fly.

It is *IMPORTANT* that you need to re-set your optimizations. Since optimizations are now version-dependent and per *compiler* - you need to set them manually per compiler too. This way we can continue to offer safe choices for older compilers and full optimizations for newer ones synchroniously.

You can run `lunar optimize` just as normal.

This code is part of the system that allows multiple compilers to be installed in parallel. However, you are reminded that any other compiler than the current gcc module is considered *experimental* and might not work with lunar. We hope hoewever that people play around with other compilers and report their findings back to increase the quality of this system



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