Warning - major changes to 'theedge' committed

Couannette couannette at free.fr
Thu Mar 16 20:08:12 UTC 2006


I've update The Edge and Moonbase tonight.
I've done 'lunar optimize' and activated the wrapper scripts.
But there is this message in compilations:

cc1: warning: command line option "-Wno-deprecated" is valid for C++/ObjC++ but
not for C

Maybe it's just a mistake?


sofar a écrit :
> Hi,
> I have just committed a 70k patch to moonbase/theedge changing some internals drastically. Allthough the code is tested here I have no idea how some of the obscure parts of the code will behave with the changes I just made. Even though I see no strange behaviour, I kindly advise everyone that they should switch to using the 'lunar' core tools if they do not want to help testing this code. You can do this by just doing 'lin lunar'.
> People who update to the new theedge will have to do TWO things:
> * install a NEW moonbase after upgrading their 'theedge'
> * run `lunar optimize' before compiling any new modules
> allthough everything should still work without these 2 steps, you might not get a properly optimized binary result until you have performed these actions at least once.
> Here's the changelog for the changes:
> * New optimization architecture - based on plugins
> * All optimization menu's and code will move to moonbase plugins
> * removed optimize.menu
> * optimize.lunar is now only a plugin stub
> * pre-compile optimizations are set using the BUILD_BUILD plugin type
> * remove 'optimize' main call to optimizations
> * Added "custom_filters" to allow on-the-fly compression of man-pages
> * Attempt to display success/fail log when checking modules
> * small performance tweak to unmap_device
> * bugfix for aliases code (bug was not be noticeable to people)
> Enjoy,
> Auke
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