gtk+-2.8.14 version bump

Terry Chan tpchan at
Thu Mar 9 04:46:11 UTC 2006

>From the ChangeLog for gtk+-2.8.14:

Wed Mar  8 14:22:59 2006  Tim Janik  <timj at>

        * NEWS: announce change and glib-2.10.1 requirement.

        * gtk/gtkobject.c: fixed up messing with non-GtkObject floating flags.
        this requires glib-2.10.1.

I've bumped gtk+-2 on my lunar box and recompiled many gtk+-2 apps with no
problems.  I'm already at glib-2.10.1.

glib-2.10.1 works just fine with all of xfce4-profile, including xfce4-panel.

Unless I hear otherwise I WILL be bumping gtk+-2 to 2.8.14 and at the same
time I'll also bump glib-2.10.1.

I really don't care that galculator segfaults with the new glib-2.  That's
a problem that the galculator devs MUST fix, not the lunar devs.

Terry Chan

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