[Lunar-bugs] [Lunar Linux 0000071]: New plugin code make coreutils install to ABORT!

Moritz Heiber moe at lunar-linux.org
Tue Mar 7 21:08:02 UTC 2006

On Tue, 7 Mar 2006 12:17:29 -0800
Lunar bug reports list <lunar-bugs at lunar-linux.org> wrote:

> good job on the speed boost :-)
> but why do you find adding the freshly compiled binaries to the path  
> ugly?
> the path should only be in Lunar's sub shell the is calling the  
> prepare install.
> when the binaries are installed path precedence will use the
> binaries in the system path first.
> when the src directory is blown away the installed ones are
> defiantly used.
> what draw back exists?  because if there is a draw back i'd like to  
> know.

Considering that our complete toolset is written in bash I'd very much
favour an all-bash solution over _anything_ else.

Seriously, where's the point of using binaries of the coreutils package
if they can be replaced by a simple and swift bash statement (including
a notable performance boost!)?

I'd vote against adjusting paths or anything alike and stick with
Stefan's patches. After all, they do provide the exact same
functionality .. and that is what we are looking for, aren't we?



PS: Please do not send stuff like this to the lunar-bugs list but
rather to lunar at lunar-linux.org. Thanks!

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