theedge -> lvu info shows 'compile time'

sofar sofar at
Sun Mar 5 07:05:48 UTC 2006


on popular request, and since I already had the code, I merged a feature in 'lvu info $MODULE' that displays the compile time of a certain module. It requires that you have the perl module DateTime installed, but will warn you if you don't in an understandable way.

$ lvu info theedge
General Module Info
[ ** SNIP ** ]
Installation Info
  Installed Version: 20060129
  Last compile time: 0m22s
  Approx. Size:      820KB
  Files Installed:   161

Module Activity History (last 10)
  20051213-13:14:51     lrm     theedge 20051020        success 
  20051213-13:14:56     lin     theedge 20051020        success 



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