a few ideas

Jean Michel Bruenn jean.bruenn at ip-minds.de
Sat Mar 4 12:01:14 UTC 2006

Dear lunar community,

i have some ideas cause of Lunar itself, perhaps you like one or more of my ideas

1.) Autoupdates
2.) Autooptimizations
3.) Fastest mirror detection
4.) Security patches/bugfixes
5.) Timecheck/Statistics

1.) Autoupdate
When this feature is enabled, it should run as a cronjob. It Should update modules. When compiling of a module failes the script should resurrect the old running module. After it the script 'could' mail the User/Admin of the System informations about the update.

What should be updated:
   * All modules
   * Or a specific list of modules (The user should write modules to a as example autoupdates.txt)

When should be updated:
   * The User should setup a time for the cronjob (as an example, every week, every day, every yeah, every 20 years)

When and what should be mailed:
   * When the User has autoupdate in the Lunar-feature-list enabled ;-)
   * User should change from 3 mailing-options
        1.) All Modules (A list with all updated modules)
        2.) Only failed (A list with failed an resurrected modules)
        3.) No Modules (User will not be mailed)
   * This mails could look like:
           "Hello i'm the automatically update script from your box, yes really i'm it.
            Believe me!

            Updated Modules
            xyz - from version - to version - date - checksum okay - compiling okay
            zyx - from version - to version - date - checksum okay - compiling okay

            Failed and Resurrected Modules
            abc - from version - to version - date - See /var/autoupdates/abc.log - Resurrected ok
            cba - from version - to version - date - See /var/autoupdates/cba.log - Resurrected failed

           12 Module(s) updated
             2 Module(s) failed but resurrected
             1 Module(s) could not be resurrected

I would like such a feature. What do others think about it?

2.) Autooptimizations
When the user comes into the lunar optimize dialog there could be a button like "Check it automatically" we get most informations automatically, why we don't use them automatically?
We see MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, 3dnow, CPU, and we have some RECOMMENDED settings - With an automatically check, we could use the stuff we 'see'.
There's should be no need to use this detection script - It's only a nice-to-have for some users - and after it the user should check all settings again, the script could print out the detected settings to let the user check them.

3.) Fastest mirror detection
I would, if users like such a thing, write this script. In the mirror dialog should be a little cute button "Fastest mirror detection" if a user hits it, the script will tracepath and 'maybe' ping all mirrors ('maybe' cause, if 400 lunar users ping the same host, it could look a bit.. strange.. EVIL) - With the Data our script found we sort the mirrors and print out a list what we would choose. The user could choose then "use our detected list" "edit one or more of this mirrors" "..i choose it better myself"
as i think, a good feature again... I think it's good when users from xyz-country use mirrors from xyz-country they will be faster than mirrors from zyx.

4.) Security patches/bugfixes
Perhaps we should have an own directory and specific ppl for security patches and bugfixes, if there's a new patch for openssl as example, we don't have to edit the openssl-module, we have to edit or write a patch to the security-modules - directory. So that we could have module-admins especially for security issues/patches without need to change original modules. That could made by a little function like check_for_patches_in_moonbase(); ^.^ Well i don't know if this is a good idea or not but so we could
  * keep modules clean
  * have specific ppl for security updates/patches
  * The user Could choose - Want to use security updates or not.

5.) Statistics
Definatly a 'nice-to-have' not a needed feature. Striker wrote if i remember right a little script what shows the needed time for compiling a module - Maybe we could make a little page in Lunar with Statistics and include this script froms striker to the lunar tools i like this script. on Such a statistic page we could show informations about failed and compiled modules, Used Space for lunar Cache, Used Space what we could Prune, Perhaps statistics from ccache if the user have it installed and such things. We could make with this Data for-fun-benchmarks too. But as i said.. only a nice-to-have not a really needed feature.

Greetings Jean

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