Permission by ATI for us to cache their fglrx drivers.

Patrik Gräser hittis at
Wed Oct 19 15:14:07 UTC 2005


ATI locked down the sites where their fglrx driver is.

I took it upon myself to ask for permission to cache their driver on our

IANAL and all that but I think we have enough permission to start caching
the fglrx driver.

Attaching the full dialogue:

------------My request------------
Summary: 	would it be possible for me to put up the Linux driver for
download on a homepage without violating terms of use/License/etc. ?

Details: Hi
I work with a little source-based Linux distribution and I'm curious if it
would be possible for me to put up the fglrx driver for Linux on a webpage
for public consumption? The reason is that the distribution (when
installed) downloads files on demand before installing them.
This would help our users to get the "right" driver installed on their
I am _not_ asking for any sources to your driver, just to put the driver
on an easy to reach site.

Patrik Gräser

---------Initial response----------
The Linux drivers available from ATI are provide are "as is".
You may be able to get further assistance from the Linux community
at the links below:

To report issues with Linux drivers you can submit an online ticket using
the “Linux Driver Feedback” Category, and your report will be
received and reviewed/tested by our driver team. Please note that your report
will only be responded to if we require additional information.

---------Clarified request---------

The previous response didn't help with my inquiry.

I'm asking for permission to distribute ATI owned property in the form of
the fglrx-drivers for Linux.

Would that be possible?

Since the tools used to install software is automated we are having
difficulties with the current available, ATI provided, sites.

Dear Patrik Graeser,

It does not seem to be a problem, many companies already do it.

Livna uses it recompiled for the download via Yum:

The following site shows how apt-get also uses  the same approach,

Suse uses yast to install various proprietary drivers as well.


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