non-free vs. free packages

Zbigniew Luszpinski zbiggy at
Tue Oct 18 09:39:49 UTC 2005

> One way to handle the free vs. non-free is to separate (a la a few
> distributions) the non-free from the free into dispirate downloads.
> e.g. have a moonbase-nonfree where modules such as nvidia_driver,
> j2sdk, etc. can go. You can also add warnings to these packages that
> tell a user they need to go do a few jigs around a maypole before they
> can use it and to not forget the sacrificial chicken.
> The best way, I've found, is to keep the non-free as separate from the
> free as possible and to even setup guidelines to define what 'free'
> and 'non-free' mean to you as a group.
> -sandalle

I vote for this way of modules splitting. How about new menu in lunar:
=== Sync with: ===
[X] moonbase (the current moonbase without binaries)
[  ] moonbase-nonfree (binaries moved from moonbase)
[  ] moonbase-incoming (modules sent to mailing list but not included in 

moonbase-incoming would be for brave users who do do not afraid testing, and 
looks more comfortable than svn manual updating. Via web page polling, 
modules which gain let say 20 succesful compilations by 20 different users 
could be automaticly moved to classic moonbase.

Zbigniew 'zbiggy' Luszpinski

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