w3c-libwww build problem with MySQL

Auke Kok sofar at foo-projects.org
Sat Oct 15 18:57:18 UTC 2005

Couannette wrote:

>apparently this library doesn't build anymore with MySQL due to a change in
>MySQL API. mysql_connect has been deprecated and mysql_create_db too.
>Following this report I tried to build w3c-libwww changing HTSQL.c :
>But since I don't want to dig further into this code and no direct replacement
>exists for mysql_create_db I give up.
>I can just recommand putting systematically --without-mysql.
>By the way who wants mysql support for this library ? It's generally used to
>fetch files from Internet.

I added this to the module in moonbase, I cannot see any reason other 
than development purposes why mysql support would exist in this package 
anyway. If someone really needs it he should make that known asap.


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