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Sat Oct 1 04:46:10 UTC 2005

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On Fri, 30 Sep 2005, Auke Kok wrote:
> Eric Sandall wrote:
>> Wouldn't it also work (perhaps better) to just remove the offending
>> flags?
>> e.g.
>> export CFLAGS=${CFLAGS/-fforce-addr/}
>> (and do that for CXXFLAGS if needed as well)? This way the user still
>> gets most of the optimizations they want, except for ones that break
>> it.
> yes, but,
> the official lecture in lunar still is: -fforce-addr is considered an
> _unsafe_ optimization. If you use it, you may not complain about it on
> the mailinglist. If stuff breaks, that's your own fault.

I agree on that point. ;) I thought the talk earlier was also for
general fixes for compilation issues (not just 'unsafe' options), so I
felt I'd pipe in.

> this whole discussion therefore is useless - just use safe
> optimizations. (if it still breaks then, file a bugreport immediately).

As always, safe by default, but won't protect you from your own,
uhh...choices, yeah. ;)

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