db4 moved to db

Moritz Heiber moe at lunar-linux.org
Mon Jan 24 20:05:53 UTC 2005

Hello Lunar users,

we have decided that the db4 module should become the regular db module
and I have just commited the changes into the moonbase. From now on all
the modules are going to work with the Berkeley DB 4.x.

We gave this update a rather harsh testing since there are quite a few
modules that could actually break because of it (amongst them perl and
even apache). So heads up .. things _might_ break .. but we're not
expecting them to (I wrote some ugly migration code ^_~). If you're
experiencing any problems feel free to either fill in a a bugreport or
write a mail to this list.

Oh, and .. this update fixes the huge problems concerning cyrus-sasl
linking against both versions of db. So yay for pop-before-smtp ^_^


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