Server refused to allocate pty - solved (sort of)

Simon Brenner simon.brenner at
Mon Feb 14 06:23:40 UTC 2005

>/etc/udev/scripts.d/scsi-devfs .sh: line66 readlink: command not found
I've also recently gotten this problem. 'lvu from readlink' said that 
coreutils had it installed in /usr/bin/readlink - but there was no such 
file in /usr/bin... Reinstalling coreutils fixed it for me, but I don't 
know the actual cause of the problem and who deleted the file. Perhaps 
it is related to e2fsprogs since that is what you installed? I also 
think that the last lunar update I did upgraded e2fsprogs, which points 
the finger of blame right at the e2fsprogs installation... [but why 
would it delete a file from coreutils?]

// Simon

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