Udev-051 in moonbase and the changes therein

Jaime Buffery nestu at espresso.foo-projects.org
Sat Feb 12 19:38:26 UTC 2005

Hello lunar ppl,

I have just commited udev-051 to moonbase. We have took a little longer than 
usual since this new version no longer uses the dual permission/rules files, but 
1 single rules file, so we had to update the sane Lunar defaults to this new 

If you had handmade rules in the 99-udev.* or 50-udev.* permission and rules 
files I would strongly recommend you to update them ASAP. Please walk the new 
49-udev.rules file and read the complete man udev as a very good reference.

On the devfs migration front, there is now devfs device naming support (via 
symlinks) in udev, so the change from one to another should be easier Smiling

As usual, special thanks to florin for his help!

nestu ;)

P.S.: I am broadcasting this warning all I can -here and on the webpage- so 
hopefully we reduce the migration problem to as little as possible, as dev nodes 
are so delicate.

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