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Fri Feb 11 12:36:09 UTC 2005


Here's the latest weekly news edition!

Hello lunar users,

here we go for yet another weekly. While hardly anything really important
happened in the foreground lately we are working fulltime in the back-
ground keeping Lunar Linux in shape.

sofar is currently finishing his new ISO generation code and he already
showed us a prelimary 1.5.0pre1 ISO featuring a whole new easy to use
installer and of course the most recent coretools and a high number of
pre-compiled kernels to chose from. Although it took him some time the
new iso code surely is the finest Lunar has ever seen. This is going to be
a huge step forward.

Meanwhile, nestu is working on a 2.6.x kernel based ISO. You can expect
that ISO to be ready at the same time as Lunar Linux 1.5.0 is going to get
released. It will support udev for /dev managing and both, lilo and grub,
as your bootloading utility.

Striker and Moe are currently fiddling with creating a new website with
some very fancy stuff ahead and severe changes to the way Lunar Linux is
presenting itself to the worldwide audience. We'll keep you updated as
soon as there is something you can take a look at ;^)

So, that's pretty much it for this week .. if you want to know more about
what I just mentioned or would even like to help us out feel free to join
us at the Lunar Linux IRC channel on freenode (irc://freenode.net/#lunar)


Meanwhile in #lunar:
<nestu> don't make me run you over again with the 18 wheel truck... <TauNeutrino> the *toy* truck you play with all the time? <nestu> it hurts anyway
tau> I am always right
<nestu> "dont think, just write", (C) Bill Gates 1981-2005
<crypticreign> pass the dutchie
<crypticreign> Ratler: yeah m parents freaked when i was a kid over the url of that site  <TauNeutrino> they got mad at you yesterday?
<TauNeutrino> and you're even funnier when I've got a few in me!
Devyll`> how can i open ftp port ? TauNeutrino> iptables -F Devyll`> thnx


The Lunar-Linux team

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