glibc with NPLT support

Auke Kok sofar at
Thu Dec 8 17:12:51 UTC 2005

Dennis Veatch wrote:

>Having said that. I did run nbench with the only remaining things needing a 
>rebuild was KDE. So while it was working on kdebindings3 during the make 
>process (it always seems to grind along for me) ran nbench from within KDE. 
>That's the first set of numbers below. The second set is (from within KDE) 
>and no lin process going on.
>I've never run nbench before and not at all familiar with it but I thought the 
>results interesting anyway. There was afaiac no difference in performance. So 
>either nbench suspends other tasks while it's running or there just might be 
>something to this nptl thingy.
>One thing nbench doesn't show is the amount of system ram which is 2G, DDR400. 
>Oh and uh, 32 bit mode.

nbench is useless to test threading models: it runs as a single thread. 
You might want to try to run a different test-suite. not sure which ones 
would qualify properly for this.


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