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Moritz Heiber moe at lunar-linux.org
Mon Dec 5 16:02:19 UTC 2005

Hello dear community,

through a slight glintch in the matrix (or my own plain stupidity
maybe) untested changes to the udev module have made it into the
moonbase yesterday afternoon.

Basicly, florin asked me to test the new udev version (077) before he
was to commit his changes. I gave him the green lights .. heaven knows
why, I don't know what made me do that actually.

I just reverted his changes .. Lunar is back at 068 as of now and my
apologies fly out to anyone that got into trouble fiddling with the
supposingly "new" udev.

Some background information: Any udev version after 068 uses a sort of
new scheme to keep track of nodes and devices due to recent kernel
changes. Those kernel changes require you to use a newer udev once
2.6.15 is there .. so be sure, we're working on it. But right now we
need to stick with 068.


Moritz Heiber
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