cyrus-sasl problem

Richard Pyne rpyne at
Mon Apr 25 01:10:05 UTC 2005

On 24 Apr 2005 at 20:42, Dennis Veatch wrote:

> On Sunday 24 April 2005 05:31 pm, Richard Pyne wrote:
> > I have tried several mutations of re-writing the cyrus-sasl
> > module to allow installing WITHOUT PAM. I have tried a version
> > that makes Linux-PAM and optional depends and I have tried a
> > version with all reference to Linux-PAM removed (and the --
> > without-pam configureation option added).
> >
> > Can someone PLEASE explain where it is getting this idea and
> > WHAT I can do to correct it. cyrus-sasl does NOT require PAM! I
> > can build it just fine manually without PAM, but for some
> > strange reason, Lunar seems to think that cyrus-sasl requires
> > Linux-PAM regardless of what the DEPENDS says.
> >
> > Thanks.
> >
> > --Richard
> >
> > _______________________________________________
> Have you tried looking in /var/state/lunar/depends, depends.backup and 
> depends.cache for a line or lines like this;
> cyrus-sasl:Linux-PAM:on:required::
> and deleting all references?

Yes. In fact, after my rework of the module to make it an 
optional dependency, the line in /var/state/lunar/depends looked 
like this:


After deleting the reference and using my edited DEPENDS fiel 
that looks like this:

depends openssl    &&
depends db         &&
optional_depends "Linux-PAM" "--with-pam" "--without-pam" "for 
PAM support" &&
optional_depends "postgresql" "--with-pgsql" "--without-pgsql" 
"for PostgreSQL support" &&
optional_depends "mysql" "--with-mysql" "--without-mysql" "for 
mysql support"

(sorry for the line wraps)

I still get:

# lin -cr cyrus-sasl
+ Reconfiguring "cyrus-sasl"
+ removing all depends for and optional on "cyrus-sasl"
+ adding "required" depends for "cyrus-sasl" on "openssl" (on)
+ adding "required" depends for "cyrus-sasl" on "db" (on)
cyrus-sasl: Install & use optional (not yet installed) module 
Linux-PAM dependency - purpose: for PAM support?  [n]
+ adding "optional" depends for "cyrus-sasl" on "Linux-PAM" 
cyrus-sasl: Use optional (presently installed) module postgresql
dependency - purpose: for PostgreSQL support?  [y]
+ adding "optional" depends for "cyrus-sasl" on "postgresql" 
cyrus-sasl: Use optional (presently installed) module mysql
dependency - purpose: for mysql support?  [y]
+ adding "optional" depends for "cyrus-sasl" on "mysql" (on)
+ Spawning download manager
+ download queue: Linux-PAM
pkgconfig  cyrus-sasl
+ starting lin "cyrus-sasl"
Checking dependencies for cyrus-sasl
Checking dependencies for Linux-PAM
Linux-PAM:  Adding required dependency glib-2

Notice that is STILL thinks that Linux-PAM is required for cyrus-

I even tried a completely clean install of Lunar, edited the 
cyrus-sasl module to completely remove Linux-PAM as even an 
optional depends, and still got the same result.



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