relin glibc

Dennis Veatch dveatch at
Tue Apr 19 00:32:12 UTC 2005

I've updated the kernel-headers-2.6 and tried relin on glibc and get this 
error about the kernel headers being to old. Here's the error ;

running configure fragment for sysdeps/pthread
running configure fragment for sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux
checking for egrep... (cached) grep -E
checking installed Linux kernel header files... TOO OLD!
configure: error: GNU libc requires kernel header files from
Linux 2.0.10 or later to be installed before configuring.
The kernel header files are found usually in /usr/include/asm and
/usr/include/linux; make sure these directories use files from
Linux 2.0.10 or later.  This check uses <linux/version.h>, so
make sure that file was built correctly when installing the kernel header
files.  To use kernel headers not from /usr/include/linux, use the
configure option --with-headers.
Creating /var/log/lunar/compile/glibc-2.3.3.bz2
! Problem detected during BUILD

Not sure how to resolve this.

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