[Lunar-bugs] [feature] To all lunar developers

Florin Braescu florin at lunar-linux.org
Wed Apr 6 01:28:10 UTC 2005

Pe data de Mie 06 Apr 2005 01:34, lunar-bugs at lunar-linux.org a scris:

> 1) cyrus-sasl is at a non-default location becuase it needs to be there
> in order not to break *other* applications, so this may not be so simple
> to change as you think (NEEDVERIFY->florin)
> Please, do not change default installation directories of programs
> (modules). Many modules in lunar are being installed in strange
> locations and other programs which depends on them do not work till I
> create symlink to standard location. Sometimes it is hard to find where
> module should be correctly installed and have to download original
> program and install it manualy to have it in standard loacation.
> Changing default installation directory is asking for troubles, but the
> users have to answer - not developers.
> Example of such "improved" module is cyrus-sasl. KMail program from
> kdepim3 module will not allow me to send e-mail without installed
> cyrus-sasl in correct location. During installation of kdepim3 module
> there is question about cyrus-sasl optional installation. I said yes
> and both modules were installed, but KMail did not allow me to send
> e-mails. So downloaded manualy cyrus-sasl (the same version as in lunar
> module) and installed it manualy. Now KMail can send e-mails because it
> finds required libraries in their default location. There are many
> other modules which fixed in the same way but do not remember which.

  In that case i must say that the lunar module for cyrus-sasl forces the 
install in /usr directory (the default is /usr/local). No other cosmetic 
changes for install paths are applied. Kmail and cyrus-sasl both work just 
fine on my system and for others too (Jol, beko) without problems. And kmail 
is located in the kdebase3 module not kdepim3.


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