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Couannette couannette at free.fr
Sun Apr 3 14:13:37 UTC 2005

Jens Luedicke a écrit :
> Couannette wrote:
>>>Me and a friend found funny to specify a Open Source software to manage software
>>>licensing and software usage metrology for April's Fool's Day.
>>>But :
>>>1) though the site was visible for me and a lot of people in my vicinity in the
>>>Internet (.fr) on friday (traceroute.html & whois.genuflexion), neither Sofar or
>>>Striker did could see it :(
>>>2) I've noted that there is a bit of misunderstanding in your reactions for a
>>>inoffensive and indeed funny post :)
> [snip]
> a) not funny
Too bad for ya :(
> b) I can ping/traceroute/whois hosts/ips/domains myself if I need to.
Ho! No?!
> c) hint: get a weblog and spam it with your in- and outsights. but not
> here.
Hum, I'll remain silent :)
> --
> Jens Luedicke
> web: http://perldude.de


I never intented to spam our ML. If people don't read or don't want to take it
for a funny incitement to Open Source people on a hot subject... it's such a
great pity.

BTW I wrote this bearing in mind that, in the industrial (real) world, there is
a strong need for this kind of software. Maybe if you look more closely on
licensing management software you could agree with me. At work I have to manage
thousand of licenses for hundred of softwares from many vendors.... And those
lic. mgnt. softwares have many flows and drawbacks.

That's said, I will not apologize for not being understood.



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