2.6 Kernel with inotify patch

nestu nestu at lunar-linux.org
Tue Oct 26 16:27:05 UTC 2004

Hi, dude!
Nick Hudson wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> I have made a linux-2.6 kernel with the inotify patch just for my
> testing atm, but if anyone wants it you can get it at
> http://nhudson.homelinux.org/files/linux-2.6.tar.bz2  .   My server is
> down atm but it will be back up later around 12:00 cst.  if anyone
> wants to try it.  In case you are wondering what inotify is here ya go:

> I will have a inotify-utils module ready by tonight I hope.
Do you mind I propose something? Can you rename the module, 
please? I'll explain why: if you call it linux-2.6-inotify, 
f.e., it would not conflict with our stable module, and you 
could commit it. Furthermore, users wouldn't have to 
overwrite their moonbases, or set ZLOCAL_OVERRIDES. An extra 
advantage I see is that you could set a direct dependency on 
inotify-utils module. If you don't want to commit it, it can 
go into zlocal anyways, but wouldn't conflict with out 
stable linux-2.6 module. It could have its own SHORT, too...

IAC, keep up the good work !
Thanks, pal!
> Nick
nestu ;))))))
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