nestu nestu at
Tue Oct 26 14:40:18 UTC 2004

Hi, Alex! ;)
Alex Hunsaker wrote:
> Here is Con Kolivas's kernel patchset its goal - "These are patches
> designed to improve system responsiveness with specific emphasis on
> the desktop, but suitable to any workload." , it fixes a few things
> like the nvidia module
> memory leek :)
You can submit me or to this list your updates., but it is 
your responsability to maintain the module, K? I propose a 
couple changes:
* We can take out the -beta suffix since with the new module 
naming scheme we don't use it anymore
* Give the module its own .config, like .config-2.6-ck. If 
not present, use as default .config.2.6.stable, for example.
Gimme an answer and I'll commit it. Thanks for posting the 
CU, pal !
nestu ;)))
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