Gnome 2.8 Module?

Paul Norton at
Sat Oct 23 23:27:45 UTC 2004


I just wanted to check in to see what is happening with the Gnome 2.8
module.  I know that we now have a stable 2.6 Kernel in the moonbase
now (which Gnome 2.8 requires).

Should there be a 'gnome-2.8' module so that people can still use
gnome 2.6 with linux 2.4?  This way we would have two gnome desktop
modules in the moonbase.

So to recap..
o Keep 'gnome' module as 2.6 for people with Linux 2.4 
o Build a 'gnome-2.8' module for people who want the latest gnome an
have Linux 2.6.

Any thoughts?

- Paul

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