Core merge and changes in the near future

Auke Kok sofar at
Tue Oct 12 10:55:33 UTC 2004

I just merged a few last bugfixes into theedge and right back into
lunar as well, synced them and committed everything so at the moment
lunar and theedge are 100% identical (20042012.10). The reason for
this merge is twofold: first I want to merge aliases into theedge
to start exposing people to this code and get feedback, the other
is to establish the stable code again as 'lunar' and allow people
to track this to provide a 'safe' set of tools for the coming period.

Many bugs have gone into theedge and lunar over the past 4 months
and we have certainly hit a reasonable safe and stable point. From
now on the theedge code will receive some more expiremental
features, probably starting today already with the aliases code
prototype (more to come).

PS no weekly this week due to absense (only the automated one).


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